Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - Goal Setting Party

I have so many unfinished projects I thought joining Shanna, Melissa and their followers would be a great idea. So if there is anyone else out there with UFO's join in the fun by clicking HERE.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

My Goal for the month of January is to complete the wall hangings below.  All I need to do is finish the binding and embellishments.  It sounds easy but I keep putting it aside to work on something else.

Both projects are from KimberBell.  Penguin one is 'Whimsy Winter Bench Pillow' and hearts is 'Be My Valentine Bench Pillow'.  I don't have a place for pillows so I made mine as wall hangings - approximate size 16 x 38 inches.


Stay Warm!


e said...

lOVE your wall hangings. Maybe making it a goal will get them done. Are these your own designs or someone's patterns. I'm partial to penguins :)

Katie (The Literary Files) said...

I really love the pillows-to-banners for the holidays that your making. The quilting on the snowballs on the Winter one is lovely.
Love you

(Yay for figuring out how to add the button by yourself!)

Marti said...

I love those hangings. I bet you will get them done. You have done the hard part, IMO. But then, I'd rather hand stitch the binding down than sewing it on to begin.

Sandy Panagos said...

Nothing is easy when Life interrupts! They are really cute wall-hangings. Have fun finishing!

Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

Those are beautiful! I think I need to do that Valentine pattern now. Thanks for adding to my list. ;-)

Anonymous said...

They are lovely

Maddy said...

Love your wall hangings, thought about Kimberly's club but only wanted one or two. Have fun making them, looking forward to seeing them all finished.

Shauna said...

Those are so cute!!!! I like the idea of wall hangings instead of pillows, I always wonder where everyone puts all the pillows they create.

Outback Craftaholic said...

LOL, sounds like you are a kindred soul Danette. I worked on a project for FNWF that just requires the binding to be finished off and it's been nearly 3 years in the making. Your wall hangings look lovely. I hope you get them finished. Cheers, Tracy.