Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lots of Little Pink Stars

Bette Faries' Lots of Little Pink Stars

I've joined yet another block of the month. The very first Lots of Little Pink Stars quilt took two or three years to make, so that sounds promising since I need to finish it by the end of the year, haha!

After getting help from the shop on how to use the tool: Mini Fit to be Geese I tackeled my first block, which took me forever.

1 star down... 335 to go!

Then if you think that's a big number, consider having to do 696 sawtooth sets for the borders.

This month alone, I need to make 36 stars.
Then next month do it all over again.

I hope I don't get too discouraged!

My very first star!


Block of the Month: Abundance

 Abundance: A Block of the Month Project Book by Celine Perkins


This is a free block of the month through Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe. You have to finish the prior months block in order to recieve the next month's block for free. It's a great way to keep on task and get things done. (I have so many unfinished projects, I need help on actually finishing things.)


I managed to get February's block done by the third so I'm left to await March's block for the rest of the month. It's the first time that I'm actually ahead of schedule, the day I got it I came home and made it.


My First Mini Quilt

I just finished my first mini quilt from Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe's Mini Quilt of the Month. I had a few problems along the way with some miss cuts (added some of my old fabric), but it's finally complete. I'll be attempting to finish one every month.