Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa Sack Swap

OH MY!  Look at all the BEAUTIFUL items Santa Theresa brought me this year.  I must have been really good or Theresa was just extra special.

Where to start..............

I received this beautiful bag from Kim Diehl fabrics (I like her fabrics and Theresa remembered)

A gorgeous stocking (which is now hung on my mantle)

A wool Santa runner, so cute!, a scissor keep - I've never had one before, a seam ripper - which was used too much this weekend (I lost mine), a tape measure, ladybug cutter, Kim Diehl panel, an OTT light, a punch needle pattern ( I just learned how to do that) and of course tasty treats. 
And look at this gorgeous OWL!!!, she's such a lady.

Thank you so much Theresa for all the wonderful gifts and thank you Cheryll for running such a great swap.
Merry Christmas!