Thursday, April 28, 2011

One more siggy...

I received another siggy - Thanks Ludwina for the dragonfly siggy in the middle of a "garden of flowers", so colorful!

I've been busy making more siggies to send out; just mailed three more today. I just love receiving beautiful siggies in the mail!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you Sandra and Puck for the great siggies!  I lived in Michigan years 0 - 10 and the cat is so cute.  It's so fun getting mail. 


                     THANK YOU!

Work is for the "Birds"?

While at work yesterday I checked out the sighting of Black Crested Night Herons along our stream.  The three in the tree weren't easy to spot but the one sleeping in a small tree on the bank is in the picture below - just look for the white (center, far side of stream)- my phone doesn't zoom.  I also included a picture from the internet.  These birds are 22 - 26 inches in height and have a wingspan of 45 inches!  They're nesting in the trees and I hope to see their babies when hatched.


Also, about two weeks ago we had Wild Turkeys taking a walk around the plant.  They seem to stop by every year or so.  In addition we have Mallards and Canada Geese nest every year.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank you for the siggies!

My mailbox has been overflowing with siggies - 10 more have arrived!  I now have 11 and it's so fun to receive mail (that's not a bill).  My husband enjoys geography and likes to look up where my mail is coming from and I enjoy the beautiful handwork.  The colors, patterns, stitching...are so inspiring.  I've started stitching a bunny for my April siggy and will probably go back to flowers after that.

Thank you!!!

 I give up trying to align the siggies!!!!!!!!! 

For the Birds

It's a beautiful sunny day; trees are budding, daffodils blooming, birds are singing and I finished Patrick Loose's spring hanging ... except for a sleeve on the back for hanging (notice the handy magnetic clip).  This was a great project to do - very quick and colorful.  It's the first time I used a close zigzag (satin stitch?) to applique.  By the time I appliqued the last flower I was getting the hang of it, hopefully I'll remember what I did for next time.  I should probably put paper by the sewing machine to take notes.

Awesome Autumn is another Patrick Loose pattern I did last the fall. I really enjoyed this project and the colors were so vibrant! It looked great on the front door.