Thursday, October 6, 2016


I can't wait until tomorrow/ Friday to sew - it's been too long since I visited everyone!

I know I've missed many FNwF and various other online swaps and such but there were many hospital visits and doctor appointments since January.  My husband and his newly acquired pacemaker seem to being doing pretty well but still has a few restrictions until his next appointment.
My daughter has been feeling under the weather for quite a while and I just got over Bronchitis.  I think I was just worn out from worrying and taking care of my family that my allergies and a cold was just too much.

I look forward to seeing what everyone has been stitching.  Please join me at Cheryll's FNwF  (click HERE) and see all the wonderful projects.


Theresa said...

I have been wondering about you. Didn't know you were having troubles. I'm so glad to hear that every things getting better. So happy to see your post.

Christine M said...

Welcome back, Danette.